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E601i-A3 Best Buy

With all broadcasting switched over to digital, you may be wondering if it's time to replace your old TV. While I am not someone to let you know how to spend your hard earned money, I'll state that now's a great time to buy since the technology is quite mature, and you can obtain a very good TV for the money. If you haven't looked at an HDTV to date, you will possibly not realize what you're missing. However, when you are one in your house, you will be shocked at the color and the clarity.

So, what if you are searching when ever looking for a new TV? Well, the first thing you want to get straightened out is your budget. Figure out just how much you need to spend before going to the store so you don't wind up making an impulse purchase that you will can not afford. With this budget in your mind, you can start seeing what TVs you can afford. You will quickly notice that a certain price will frequently match a particular size of TV. If this size seems large enough for the room, you can keep shopping. However, if you can only afford very small TVs, it may be best to keep saving.


Once you have the size issue taken care of, it's time to look at features. One major problem you may encounter quickly on the larger end of the price spectrum is whether you need to get an LCD or perhaps a plasma TV. This issue could (and does) fill it's own article, but allow me to just breakdown the fundamental pros and cons of each here:

LCD Pros:

High resolution at smaller portions
Energy efficient

LCD Cons:

Smaller for same cost as plasma
Response time is definitely an problem with some models

Plasma Pros:

Good response time
Larger size for money

Plasma Cons:

Use lot of power
Burn in can be an issue

Make sure to research this issue more thoroughly and decide which technologies are for you.

After you have everything taken care of, it's right down to smaller features. Rather than attempt to cover all of these, I will go on and let you know to simply visit the store and look at the TVs. Make sure they're running an HD signal. Compare the models in your price range, and find out which you prefer the feel of best. Consider other issues like sound and interface, but focus primarily image quality.

Once you have made a decision, take you TV home, hook it up to the HD supply of your choice, and revel in!
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